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Thank you for waching this page. We welcome you to enjoy playing Riichi Mahjong here.
This Riichi Mahjong playground is called “Toyonaka no Kenkou Mahjong".

Toyonaka is one of a city in Osaka, Japan.
Kenkou means helth.

Mahjong has a dark history which was betting with drinking and smoking.
For that reason, Mahjong has been recognized a dangerous game in Japan.
But many Mahjong players don’t think Mahjong is dangerous game and they hope that population of this really interesting game will be increased.
The name “Kenkou Mahjong" was born during the players hope so.

In the place called “Kenkou Mahjong", you are not allowed betting money, drinking liquor, and smoking.
Just enjoy Mahjong seriously.
Somebody often says “What on earth is fun that playing mahjong without betting?"

We love the trait of Majong, such as winning which is afford by its deep tactics and defeat which is brought illogical unfortune.
When you get a chance to come here, we would like you to enjoy Mahjong and will be more fun than before.

First thing you do here

Please write a registration form.
We want to know your name, your nickname (we call you the nickname) and check your skill level.

There are 4 questions about skill level.
1.How long time have you played Mahjong?
2.Do you know almost kinds of Yaku?
3.Are you able to count the point? Is that just Faan or also Fu?
4.Are you able to declare the point in Japanese?

We need to know about yourself because we’ll make you enjoy playing with other customers.
It is not matter that you cannnot speack Japanese.
If you have skill to play Riichi Mahjong, we are happy to welcome you.



I am Yayoi, working with my husband here.
My English skill is that speak mistaken for five hundred and five thousand.
I try to translate what you want to say, but don’t expect too much.

If you have any question of Riichi Mahjong , please feel free to contact me by E-mail.
It is very difficult for me to talk by phone.

If you get more knowledge of Riichi Mahjong, let’s access website below.

Posted by ヤヨイ先生